Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The One Without a Good Title


Absolutely could not think of a good title for this. Feel free to submit your own.

Thanks to all the folks who took the Equity Audit survey yesterday and who shared it around their social media connections. Despite my enthusiastic claim that it was “not too long” one reader found it exactly that and told them so. I commend her for her honesty and I guess I will have to add the disclaimer that your mileage may vary. I also had some feedback that the survey was not as comprehensive in its scope as it might have been, and, in retrospect, I can see that. 

If you agree give them your two cents when you take the survey. 

I saw a piece on Columbia Patch this morning about the William Donald Shafer Awards. They are soliciting nominations for this year’s awards, also known as the Helping People awards. The deadline is October 15th. From the article by Kristin Danley-Greiner:

Award recipients will be selected based on their demonstration of the following criteria:

  • Improving the community;
  • Promptly responding to a citizen problem through effective government intervention;
  • Directly aiding the most vulnerable populations; or
  • Establishing a public/private partnership to improve the lives of fellow Marylanders.
I immediately thought of several Columbia/HoCo locals who would be outstanding nominees. What do you think? Any names come to mind?

I encourage you to send in a nomination if you are so moved but I also have to admit that the directions for submitting are rather hilarious.

To submit a nomination: 

1. print out and 
2. complete this form 
3. scan and 
4. attach it as a pdf 
5. to an email and 
6. send to

I think that we are particularly blessed in our community with people who step up and do this kind of work. I’d like to see at least one of them get recognized.

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