Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Back to the Barn


Meanwhile, back at the barn.

Photo credit: Baltimore Sun

I asked around and it turns out that the barn I so admired is located at Routes 32 and 144,  at Triple Creek Farm. I checked with the writer of the piece, Tracy Trobridge, and she didn’t submit any photos with her text so I am guessing this was taken on the day of the groundbreaking event in July, and the Sun had it on hand. 

A fun fact: did you know that the electricity supplied under this agreement will account for more than fifty per cent of County energy usage? What a great investment in a healthier environment.

A shoutout to Ms. Trobridge, the Neighborhood Columnist at Howard County Times who responded to my email within hours on Monday. As I had guessed the neighborhood columnists are a holdover from the Patuxent Publishing days. I vaguely remember them from the years I lived in Rodgers Forge, before I moved to Columbia.

The Lisbon and West Friendship columnists have both retired and not been replaced.  There is still one for Main Street Ellicott City and one for Clarksville, but looking back over the papers from the last few weeks I don't see anyone else.  I guess it might just be the three of us.  There used to be at least ten.

If you’d like to see neighborhood columnists make a comeback, perhaps you could drop an email to the Howard County Times. Did Columbia have Village columnists? Or perhaps the paper considered Columbia one big neighborhood. We do have our own newspaper edition, after all.

I was not so bold as to ask whether they got paid. It didn’t seem polite, somehow. I’m guessing not.

If you went to see James Taylor last night my heart was with you. I’ve been a fan almost my entire life. I’ve seen him twice but it just didn’t work out for me this time. Perhaps I’ll drive out Route 32 today and find that barn. I can’t explain it; I just love barns.

That will probably lift my spirits.

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