Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Almost There


It’s not every day that I begin by asking you to get out your wallet. I’m doing so today because all of us have an opportunity right now to invest in something new and transformative that has the potential to do great good in our community.

I’m talking about The 3rd.


Is to build a space that fosters dreams, creates community, and provides mentorship, which enables Women of Color to turn their ideas into economic power and freedom.

They are down to the wire, with $150,000.00 left to raise as they prepare to open this June. If you want to know where that money will go, take a look  at their GoFundMe appeal:

Fundraiser by Laura Bacon: Invest in WOC Entrepreneurs by Supporting The 3rd!

An excerpt:

I’ve told a story before about the development director at a former school who was out walking in the city and was approached with this request:

Got any small change?

When she said no, and kept on walking, he called after her:

How about some major funding?

Small change. Major funding. Hmm…

You may only have “small change” to donate to this cause right now. That’s okay. The 3rd will come into being thanks to many, many small donations in support of a very big vision. Yours is important. It’s an investment.
By supporting this one-of-a-kind space you are supporting the creation of a model for economic development and social justice that will be repeatable on a national level. 

Now, about that “major funding”. It’s out there. You may not know where it is or who it is, but if you pass this blog post along to people in your social media circle, or share Laura Bacon’s GoFundMe appeal, you are helping The 3rd to cast their net wider and to connect with potential supporters and donors. And somewhere along the way - - somewhere in that ever wider net - - may just be the kind of major finding than can put this initiative over the top.

I’ve talked with Laura Bacon and I’ve visited the space at the Lakefront. The commitment and enthusiasm behind this project are impressive. It’s that perfect combination of aspiration, creativity, excellent planning and unerring common sense. Even if you aren’t in a position to make a donation right now, please take the time to learn about The 3rd and share the information with your friends.

The 3rd is opening a revolutionary space in a revolutionary town at a revolutionary time. 

Columbia, MD, the nation's first planned community, was built upon James Rouse's vision for inclusion and equality.  He saw a community, positioned between two powerful American cities, Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.  that brought the tenets of diversity and inclusion to a city-like suburb.  His vision was big. His execution was bigger.  Our work aligns with this legacy. 

The 3rd is bringing a mixed-use community hub that provides a gathering place for the entire community while showcasing and incubating WOC owned businesses. Nothing but big vision and big execution over here. 

You can help make it happen.

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