Sunday, April 17, 2022

Stories and Blessings


This is not a blessing:

Advert in today’s Baltimore Sun

This is a blessing:

Wishing you a story and song full Passover,

Thought-provoking Good Friday and Easter (and some good quality chocolate)

And those who are observing Ramadan, may your fasting be easy and your iftar is fun and the food on your plate plenty.

Pagans, remember to light a candle, too 🧡

These words from a friend (and used with permission) spoke to me this week in a way that many other seasonal posts have not. Probably because they are inclusive, spoken in love, and leavened with a touch of humor.

They are a reminder that these days do not belong to one faith alone, or even to any particular form of established religion. 

Around town some folks are celebrating simply because the season for declaring political candidacy has ended and at long last we know who is running. Others look at the list of candidates and are moved more to penitence than feasting. 

Some greet these days with a desire to immerse themselves in nature. The Spring weather inspires others to find a restaurant with great outdoor seating. Many others are waiting until sunset to break the fast with dates and a long-awaited sip of water or milk. Families gather to retell a story of escape from slavery with special foods and traditions.

At my church parishioners gathered for the first time in several years to partake in the much-loved Meatloaf Supper before the Maundy Thursday service which celebrates Jesus’ last meal* with his disciples and his washing of their feet.

Let us also remember our neighbors who will get up today and go to work because they need to get their hours in and they don’t have any choice about when they are scheduled.

Here in Columbia/HoCo some people have religion, some have none, and some have a sense of celebration and holiness for things we know nothing about. All are worthy of blessings and goodwill.

Whatever we celebrate, our stories tell a lot about who we are: where we come from, what we value, where we are going. Let’s keep telling those stories together. 


Serendipity? Almost exactly one year ago today:

Sharing Stories

*Historically speaking, there is no evidence that meatloaf was served at the Last Supper. 

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