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Howard County Rec and Parks is promoting an event which rather appeals to me.

Ladies Day Out - Morning Hike and Nature Journaling (18 yrs +)

Where: Robinson Nature Center, Columbia

When: Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 9 am - 11:30 am

Cost: $15.00

Come relax. Tune in to the forest! Park Ranger Erin Wilder leads a comfortably paced hike and guided nature-journaling activities that help to ground and center you. Learn from a Park Ranger and Environmental Educator about the springtime plants and wildlife along the trail while you enjoy one another’s company and the chance to sketch or write about the natural wonders around you. Journals and sketching materials are provided.

To learn more, and to register: Morning Hike and Nature Journaling

Being in nature sounds wonderful. Journaling in nature sounds very cool. It’s just…the hiking. 

I've never really been a hiker. And now two years in questionable health haven’t made that any better. I’m not complaining. I’m realizing that for me, the ideal hiking experience would be a lovely natural setting with a whole lot of park benches. 

We begin in a field of daffodils where you’ll pause to begin your day’s journaling with an inspiring writing  prompt and this lovely and comfortable bench.

After a short walk (about the length of parking and walking into the grocery) we’ll stop amongst the trees to look, listen, and center ourselves as we write about our experiences in nature supported by a sturdy and beautifully constructed bench.

We’ll proceed down the pathway (less than half a block) observing native plants while making our way to a peaceful stream which is flanked by a group of benches. Take your time as you connect with the sensory experience and capture it in your journal.

After an easy downhill stroll we will conclude at the Gathering Place to reflect on our experiences and share refreshments. (You guessed it: on benches.)

Yes, I’m laughing at myself in a way. I realize that, while acknowledging my limitations, I don’t necessarily need to wallow in them. Right now I imagine my capacity for a “hike” looks more like making the full circuit at a mini-golf course. If there were benches, of course. But a little challenge outside my comfort zone might not be amiss. And I do love to write.

The Rec and Parks event promises to be “a comfortably paced hike.” Who knows? It might be just the thing. Or perhaps I should be on the lookout for a Bench to Bench Nature Event.

To learn more about the Robinson Nature Center: Robinson Foundation.

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