Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Nifty Names


Have you ever noticed how stuck we all are on alliteration? It seems as though one can’t merely host an event these days. It has to have a nifty name, with cute captions and tantalizing text. 

You get my drift. 

I suppose that alliteration is being employed as a means of successfully sticking something to the reader’s brain. I can’t deny that it can be helpful. But it’s beginning to feel…forced, maybe? Or perhaps it’s just me. Have we arrived at a point where the local citizenry would merely yawn at an invitation to meet with a local public servant but would jump at the chance to have Bagels with Bob? Cookies with Corinna? Lemonade with Lester?

Is alliteration now de rigeur as a part of a robust personal branding campaign? When does it stop being a valuable mnemonic device and cross over into “too, too cute”? Perhaps it’s merely a fad that will run its course and be replaced by an equally questionable fad. 

Time will tell.

I came across a bit of alliteration on Twitter the other day and I have to admit it caught my attention. And I liked it.

From the folks at Live Green Howard:

Howard County's first ever #BrewsandBulbs event is a month from today at @Manorhillbrew! Trade in your old Incandescent and/or CFL bulbs for #LED bulbs, all while enjoying a beer! 

There you have it: Brews and Bulbs, May 1st, from 12 to 3 pm at Manor Hill Brewery. 

As much as I have been poking fun at mellifluous monickers, this combination appeals to me. Maybe I should check this out. 

And don’t forget: this Saturday is Howard County GreenFest. Here’s the info with no alliteration in sight:

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