Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Ballad of Brown Puppy

It’s not hocolocal, but everyone knows I’m a sucker for this sort of thing. Shared by Jimmie Cone, an ice cream place with two locations in Mt.Airy and Damascus:

Brown Puppy was left behind at our Mt. Airy store this evening. We’re sure someone special is missing their pup! We will keep him safe and fed overnight- if he belongs to you- we open at 1pm tomorrow.

Oh, my. That much ice cream for a dog that size probably isn’t a good idea. Dogs don’t digest dairy all that well. 

All kidding aside, if you or someone you know is the owner of this cute fella, you’d better hightail it out there this afternoon and bring him home. I don’t know how they know that Brown Puppy is a “he” but presumably the folks at Jimmie Cone have experience in these things.

If you don’t already know about Jimmie Cone, here’s some information shared on the Town of Mount Airy Facebook page:

Business Spotlight

In addition to dishing up a variety of sweet treats, the Mount Airy location is known for its Cruise Nights.

From April until October, the Mount Airy location offers Cruise Nights on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Folks can grab a sweet treat and see some classic cars. If you own a hot rod, feel free to drive up to participate and speak with other car enthusiasts. “I think it is some good clean family fun,” Hamilton said. “People like to come up here and get their ice cream and walk around and look at the cars. …I know my kids love walking around looking at the cars. It is free, other than your ice cream, to come and look at the cars. On a nice Saturday night, it is just something simple and fun to do (that is local).”

Visions of the George Lucas film “American Graffiti” are dancing in my head.

It’s going to be a warm day today. Maybe if you are in the mood for a drive, or something cold and sweet, you can hop in the car and head for Jimmie Cone. It’ll take you about a half an hour. I’m hoping that, by the time you get there, Brown Puppy will have been claimed by his loving owner.

No, this post really isn’t a ballad about Brown Puppy. But maybe you can make one up while you’re driving.

One day in April in the Spring

When all were gay and merry

He wandered off, my canine king

And vanished in Mount Airy.


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