Monday, April 11, 2022

Seeing Through Different Eyes


Did you read yesterday’s post? Thanks! Now go read this one:

Does History Repeat Itself? A HoCo Police Facebook post response, Marlena Jareaux, Howard County Lynching Truth and Reconciliation.

I thought my take on this was pretty good. Until I read Ms. Jareaux’s piece. It is rooted in knowledge and perspective that I just don’t have. She sees things I didn’t see, and is able to put them in the perspective of Howard County history.

If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog, take a minute now to get caught up. 

Police Reports

But don’t miss the chance to get a fuller picture by reading Ms. Jareaux’s piece. Think about how they are different. Back in English class the teacher might have asked you to compare and contrast. A good History/Social Studies teacher would get a discussion going on differing perspectives and where they come from. 

I’ll simply ask: what do you think

To support the work of Howard County Lynching Truth and Reconciliation, you can make a donation by texting HOCOBLKHISTORYRESEARCH to number 44-321. Or use the donation pop-up form at their website.

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