Thursday, July 28, 2022

Columbia Confusion


An online reference to an establishment called Café Columbia took me on a merry chase last night. 

Enjoyed a tasty savory crepe at Café Columbia for lunch. 

There’s a place called Café Columbia and I’ve never heard of it? Where is it? How long has it been open?

This is Café Columbia:

(Photos from a Google search of Café Columbia)

They are located at 5550 Sterrett Place, #103, a location described by one helpful reviewer as, “…tucked in behind Cana Hair Salon and near Whole Foods and Exxon.”

From Café Columbia:

We're a café that serves crepes, Belgium waffles, ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, teas, and more. Our mission is to create a comfortable space for people to connect over a crepe or a cup of coffee.

They don’t have a traditional website or Facebook page, but you will find plenty of information at the link above. I haven’t been able to ascertain when they opened, however. 

So far this all seems pretty straightforward. Until I looked at this map.

(Image from Google Maps)

On the left you see Café Columbia in a cluster of other Lakefront businesses. On the right you see…the Columbia Café?

Not to be confused with Café Columbia, the Columbia Café is located at  6500 Old Waterloo Road in Elkridge. That’s right, the Columbia Café (not to be confused with Café Columbia) is not actually located in Columbia. (Perhaps they are trying to associate themselves with some of that “Columbia Privilege” I keep reading about.)

All joking aside, the Columbia Café appears to have opened in the Spring of 2020. They have a Facebook page and a website.

(Image from Columbia Café Facebook page)

Welcome To The Columbia Cafe Looking for some good desi food to eat?? But don’t know where to go.We are excited to introduce our Pakistani food culture in the most sophisticated café style to you. Café Columbia offers all kinds of desi foodstuff to satisfy your hunger. We are a family-owned restaurant that offers all types of desi burgers, bun kababs, and other Pakistani food items which you are craving for a long time.

Don’t be confused by their Facebook photo that says they’ll be “opening soon.” They’ve been there a while already. 

So. Let me see if I’ve got this straight. For crepes- - sweet and savory - - waffles, and ice cream, head to Café Columbia. 

For everything from breakfast, burgers, juices, smoothies, to samosa chaat, aloo paratha, and falooda, you want the Columbia Café.

This was all news to me. I wonder if anyone has ever turned up in one place while look for the other?

If you have been to either one, or both - - let me know.

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