Wednesday, July 27, 2022


If you’re interested in comedy, or if you’re interested in what kind of things are happening Busboys and Poets in Downtown Columbia, may I present:

From the Twitter account of “unsung comedy legend @RobertMaction”:

#WaitOneWeek to catch me #standupping at @busboysandpoets in Columbia, MD. #WOW! #MarkYourCalendars Check the 8/1 link in bio and don't forget to tell your friends! #Thanks.

As for me, I’m just interested in the hashtag. Standupping? When did that become a word? Has it entered common usage while I wasn’t looking? I’m a word person. I want to know.

It reminded me of the time I discovered a new word while waiting in line at Starbucks.

Not Trend-Worthy

As I waited for my Venti iced coffee (just cream, no sugar) I noticed one of those little chalkboard signs announcing a new product. Now, when you order your drink “with a shot”, you can have it “updosed”.

Wait, what?

That’s right, “updosed”, a made up term which means you can chose how strong you want the added shot of espresso to be. At least, that is my understanding from reading the chalkboard before I drank my morning coffee at the Wilde Lake Starbucks.

I got it into my head that I was going to make “updosed” a thing.

You can now have your espresso “updosed” at Starbucks . Congrats for coming up with a word we didn’t know we needed.

Am I now going to be confronting “standupping” as I go about my daily life? The thought is enough to make me want a signigicant updose to my morning coffee.

A basic social media search leads me to believe that the use of “standupping” is limited, at last for now. Perhaps if comedian @RobertMaction becomes wildly popular his hashtag will go viral and we’ll all be using it.


I’ll close with another usage of standupping I found in my search which feels more personally relatable:

I'm at that age where my standup don't be standupping like it use to. It's like your body has to process that you actually just stood up. Like "Oh, that's what we doing?"

I like it.

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