Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An All-Star Cast

Tonight at the Columbia Comedy Club--a star-studded line-up guaranteed to chase your post-election blues away!

You know you need to be there to hear Mickey Gomez (of crazy hairbrush and AllDogs fame) do her wild and crazy stand-up routine, famous in Howard County and beyond. And the glamorous Bita Dayhoff, a fixture at HoCo society events, is not to be missed as she focuses her keen insight on local shenanigans. Rounding off the evening, Beverly White-Seals and Joan Driessen are sure to have the crowd rolling in the aisles.

Don't forget, your ticket entitles you to one free drink at the bar! Champion mixologists Alan Brody and Josh Friedman have got your libation choices covered--only top shelf for these guys. It's a can't-miss event and it all starts tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center, 6030 Tamar Drive, Columbia.


Okay...I'm done pulling your leg. Tonight's event is sponsored by the Columbia Democratic Club. Although I am having a bit of fun with the intent, I think it will be a chance to lift your spirits. Why? Because the guests tonight represent Howard County Non-Profits.

Bita Dayhoff, President, Community Action Council of Howard County

Beverly White-Seals, President and CEO, Community Foundation of Howard County.

Joan Driessen, Executive Director, Association of Community Services of Howard County

Mickey Gomez, Executive Director, Volunteer Center Serving Howard County

Lisa B, Mrs. S. highlights the event here.

Howard County is home to some seriously awesome non-profits. And that's no joke. Finding out how you can get involved just might be the best thing you have done in a long time.



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