Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brainstorming Thanksgiving

Okay, HoCo friends, I am sending this one out to you. What if you didn't already have plans for Thanksgiving? What have you always been hankering to do, if you weren't already committed to your usual thing? What are the little-known Thanksgiving opportunities in Columbia and Howard County?

I'm looking to break out of the mold this year. My older daughter will be celebrating with her father's side of the family, so it will just be the three of us. My husband is from the U.K./Belfast, Northern Ireland, so he doesn't have any particular attachment to the holiday. It seems completely ridiculous to me to recreate the whole menu for tradition's sake for only three people.

What if we could do anything? I'm thinking local, not a trip to the Bahamas. Possibly a day trip to somewhere relatively close. Help me think outside the box on this one.

Oh, and I am definitely not trolling for dinner invitations. This is not a pity-post, really. I know I have a lot of readers with a wide range of local expertise, so hit me up with your best ideas.

I'll be truly thankful.


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