Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gossip Girls

Okay, they're not girls, they're women. And the names have been changed to protect the innocent. But I present this as evidence of the enormous success of the Howard County Library System in our community.

Setting: Facebook Characters: Scarlet, Maura, Lisa, Anna, Theresa, Barb, Leigh, Hailey.


Scarlet: Going to the library feels like winning the lottery.

Maura: So true!

Scarlet: I mean, woah!!!

Lisa: Free knowledge!

Lisa: Paid by our tax dollars. ;-)

Anna: Oh. I thought you meant that half the books were lost to taxes and distant relatives began coming out of the woodwork to hit you up for favors.

Theresa: No way man! I always return books late. I vow never to step foot back in that place.

Scarlet: Those librarians will break your kneecaps.

Barb: I love the library. I've given my out-of-town family members tours of the Miller Branch

Scarlet: I feel like wearing a cocktail dress when I go in the Miller Branch...with the floor lighting and marble and fountains.

Scarlet: Actually, mostly I want other people to wear cocktail dresses there with me. I'll bring a flask!

Barb: It's a date! I like J├Ąger or Black Velvet Toasted Caramel.

Scarlet: We can pretend like we're taking prom pictures.

Leigh: I have always wanted to have a party at the library. And any excuse to wear a cocktail dress really

Scarlet: I may need to create an event.

Leigh: Why not, it's public domain. Bring the party to the library.

Hailey: They do have that fancy event in February I think-- Evening at the Sax or something like that. Dress up gala event at Miller. Sounds right up your alley!!

Scarlet: Let's show up in January and mess with them!

Barb: I'm in!


This conversation is almost a mini focus group unto itself. What I love about it is the genuine enthusiasm for the library which all these women share. Unsolicited, unexpected praise is a wonderful thing. How fortunate we are to live in a community that invests in its libraries.

Sometimes I wonder what people are saying about me, behind my back. I can only hope it's as wonderful as this.




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