Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grace in the Race

I woke up, my head hurt, and the world was wrong.

I read this from the pastor of Bridgeway Community Church:

@AndersonSpeaks: Whoever your candidate is or was it is the call of the "gracist" to celebrate with those who won and grieve with those who lost. #gracism

I am still really too sick to ponder much more than this. Perhaps that is a blessing.

A few things thoughts--

  • Thanks to the people who believe. Your energy is not wasted, your beliefs are not invalidated. Thank you for fighting the good fight.
  • Congratulations to Bess Altwerger and Cindy Vaillancourt for winning seats on the Board of Education.
  • Anyone touched by Tom Coale's campaign has learned something about grace in the race that won't soon be forgotten.
One last thing. Tomorrow night there will be a Planning Board hearing about the first phase of building the Inner Arbor. (Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods.) Please come and show your support. You have a chance to influence to creation of something truly wonderful for our community. Here's Bill Woodcock's post about it this morning.



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