Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Looking Forward, Looking Back

You might say that there is no room for looking backward on Election Day. Months of work, aimed at forward motion, push towards the finish line. There's not one moment to spare for a backward glance.

And yet.

And yet everything and everyone has a history which is as much a part of Election Day as promises for the future. Those who do not learn from the past--well, you know.

So these three moments are on my mind today:

1. This post from the late blogger Dennis Lane about preparing to work the polls for Courtney Watson. It is just one piece among many which show his evolution from someone who had supported her Republican opponent to gradually becoming both an admirer and a true supporter. And though itwasn't really his thing, he was willing to put on his t-shirt and get out there.

2. Tom Coale's announcement for the 9B Delegate seat. This was the first time I had attended an announcement event, and the first for an actual friend. Knowing someone personally has completely changed my perception of the election process. It's not about "them". It's about "us".

3. This Board of Education meeting in the Spring where it became painfully clear that we needed more people like Cindy Vaillancourt on the Board representing us, as parents turned out in droves asking for respect, responsiveness, and transparency regarding changes to the elementary arts ed curriculum.

I'll be carrying these memories with me to the polls today, along with hopes for the future. I wouldn't be voting if I didn't believe that my participation makes a difference. I hope to be standing at the polls later today in support of Board of Ed. Candidates Altwerger, Beams, Furman, and Vaillancourt.

I'm fighting bronchitis at this point, so I can't promise. No matter what happens today, I have to look ahead to tomorrow, when I'll need to be singing and dancing with preschoolers. I hope that election results will give me an extra spring in my step.



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