Thursday, November 27, 2014

Faces Around the Table

I found myself thinking yesterday about the many guests I assembled for Thanksgiving dinner in "A Blogger's Thanksgiving." Where are they now? I got bogged down in the knowledge that the event (as it were) could never be recreated. Things change. We lose family and friends to life changes, moves, even death. Nothing stays the same.


Sarasays and DinosaurMom have moved away. Annathema, GCGeek, vinotrip, LifesLittleComedies and TJMayotte are no longer blogging. Patch is no more, the Patuxent name is but a memory, and HoCoMoJo still exists, but is not the same. WellandWise has gone through its own changes. Columbia Compass? Hope springs eternal...


And of course you know about WordBones.


I woke up this morning realizing I had gotten too hung up on loss. Change also brings growth, and new faces around the table. A virtual Thanksgiving today would include people like Kirstycat, urbanbushwoman, and ukhousewifeusa. Lisa Rossi and David Greisman, formerly of Patch, would still be there, but representing American Journalism Review and CA, respectively.


Surely the atmosphere would be lively with the addition of 2dudeswholovefood, and with more locally-sourced food from AnnieRieUnplugged. AwayfromtheThingsofMan would keep us grounded, and remind us to be thankful. Dave Bittner of HoCoMoJo would bring a more cosmopolitan perspective, courtesy of his nights at Al Jazeera America. FrankHecker would write up the whole event with a focus on historical accuracy and current day relevance. Spartan Considerations would analyse it.


In short, it would still be one amazing party.


However you observe the day, take a moment to be conscious of the community that is drawn together around you. Be thankful. There will never be another day exactly like today. Celebrate it. Next year there may be new faces at the table, bringing new blessings. There may be an empty place, whether at the table or in your heart. Treasure those memories.


Make room for new ones.








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