Saturday, February 20, 2016


Just a friendly reminder that yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of my most-read blog post, "Howard County Music Changing?" (5536) The only other post that has come close is the recent "These Doors Are Shut" about the Superintendent's contract renewal. (5355) The two pieces might almost serve as bookends around a period in time when stakeholders' input was deemed unnecessary and unwanted.

In outlining the changes that were being made to music and art education by the implementation of the Elementary Model, I presented this list:

  • Data presented on Duckett's Lane model: None (still in first year)
  • Data presented about new program: None (no official announcement to stakeholders)
  • Data presented on how reduction of music and art affects students: None
  • Input sought from the Instructional Facilitator of Music in Howard County: None
  • Input Sought from affected principals: None
  • Input sought from Music and Art Teachers: None
  • Input sought from parents: None

If this pattern of behavior looks familiar to you that's simply because it has become the modus operandi of our school system. When it first began to happen it was alarming. Perhaps by now we should be used to it.

Are you?

When I say that my two blog posts serve as bookends, that is because I'm hazarding a guess that our community is ready to put an end to this way of doing business. That is only going to happen if we, as citizens, use our votes to create a better board of education. The date of the Primary Election is April 26th. Early voting will be from the 14th through the 21st. The deadline for a registered voter to request an electronic absentee ballot is April 22nd.

If you are looking for something to share with neighbors and friends to drive home the importance of this election, I suggest the editorial in this week's Howard County Times, "A school district's slipping grade in building public trustworthiness." In describing the ongoing litany of school system failures, the writer states:

These episodes are more than a communications problem — they point to undercurrents of opacity and mistrust. Ignominious behavior toward critics is no way to lead a respected, high-quality institution.

Let's turn the page, no, let's close the book on a management style that disregards and disrespects parents and community members. Let's write a better story for our children: together.







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