Sunday, February 14, 2016

Local Love Notes

Have you seen the Baltimore Valentines, designed by Baltimore Sun reporters? Take a look. There are twenty six different Baltimore-centric cards, each playing with a well-known Baltimore theme, but in an old-school Class Valentine sort of way. Some examples: the runaway blimp, the Domino Sugar sign, a Bal'mer Hon with signature beehive hairdo, Edgar Allen Poe, the Orioles, and the Ravens.

What if we had similar comedic Valentines for Columbia/Howard County? What well-known people, places, and stories should we feature? Some preliminary thoughts:

  • Merriweather: They're playing our song, Valentine. Or perhaps, let's raise the roof on Valentine's Day.
  • People Tree: You're my kind of people, Valentine.
  • Pink Rabbit: Valentine, you make me hoppy!
  • Snow Plow Tracker: I won't stop til I find you, sweetiepie.
  • George Howard Building Vending Machines: I'm hungry for your craveable love.
  • HoCo Unsweeted: You're sweet enough for me, honey.
  • IAT Chrysalis: You put the Symphony in my Woods, baby.
  • Sculptures outside the Metropolitan: Our love is in bloom.
  • Council Member and all around friendly guy Calvin Ball: Give me a hug, Valentine.
  • County Executive and Polar Bear Plunger Alan Kittleman: Icy Waters won't quench my love, Valentine.
I won't say the possibilities are endless, but I think we have plenty of our own people, places, and stories to choose from. Suggestions? Add them in the comments. I'm looking for sweet, proud, funny, irreverent, silly, but no downright nastiness. I know it can be deliciously fun to be snarky, and I came up with some of those, too. But I didn't post them.


It is Valentine's Day, after all. Have a good one!


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