Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Friend in Need

You know what makes me happy?

Books. I love books. I love looking at beautiful picture books, browsing through craft books, drooling over cookbooks. I love biographies, historical fiction, classic children's novels...Books can be a delight for the senses. You don't just see them. You touch the pages, hear the sound of the paper as you leaf your way through. You smell that amazingly intoxicating book smell.

I love how reading opens your mind to new things. I love discovering new connections and forging new pathways in my brain. I love discovering new interests, cultivating hobbies.

I love books, and I love libraries. I especially love the Howard County Library System because they're always finding new ways of connecting with the community. They're incredibly reponsive to the needs of the citizens they serve.


Some people don't love books. And they don't like opening their minds to new things. And they don't like libraries. And when people like that start holding a lot of positions in government, well, that is when we need libraries the most. (And newspapers. Don't forget them.)

The Howard County Library system has a big fancy fundraiser coming up on February 25. It's called Evening in the Stacks and this year's theme is An International Affair. Tickets are $150.00 and the food, drink, and entertainment are always superb. Take a look at what's in store.

If you are like me--not quite such a big spender--there are still ways to support the Library. You can come to a Friends of the Library event this Friday at The Turn House. Registration is just $5.00.
Another way to support Evening in the Stacks is by buying raffle tickets, also five dollars. Take a look here and see what you can win.

Libraries need friends, you know. They're always there when we're looking for something. Now they need us to be there for them, too.

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