Monday, February 27, 2017

More of the Same?

The headline reads "Five reasons to do business in Howard County". The story recounts an event held at One Merriweather by Bisnow. (story) I found myself drawn to the photographs. There are plenty of them. In scanning them, I noted, that, with the exception of Ike Leggett, this event appeared to have a serious lack of racial/ethnic diversity. The speakers, aside from the MoCo Exec, look to be an assortment of white men. Period.

Hmm. Does this mean anything? Should I care? I guess I already do care, or else I wouldn't  be mentioning it. I look at these pictures and think, "the future of Howard County is more pale male heads. Oh, yay." 

Why does it matter? Perspective. This comment made me think.

"The goal [of transportation] is not to move people," he said. "The goal is economic development." (Christopher Leinberger)

Well, maybe. But to those folks in Howard County who'd just like to be able to get  to work and to shop, economic development looks like a decent, reliable system that gets people around within the County, thank you very much. They're probably not going to use your nifty bus rapid transit between MoCo and HoCo. Is anyone in that great big room interested in them?

Maybe all that economic development will trickle down to the little people. We'll see.

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