Saturday, February 4, 2017

Biting My Tongue

Struggling to write today. So much to say. Unable to say it.

A fire in a trash can closed Marriotts Ridge High School yesterday. Right now it feels as though my whole world is a fire in a trash can.

A typical Village Green/Town² post would include your choice of:

  • Columbia past, present, and possibly future
  • Howard County, especially how our government works or doesn't 
  • School system and/or education issues
  • Music and arts education 
  • How cool is Oakland Mills, anyway?
  • Interesting local businesses
  • Something I learned at the grocery store
  • Being a parent isn't for sissies
  • Have I told you how much I love my husband?

So, today--take your pick. Choose your own adventure. Or select a few and mix them together.

Or go to these two places and drink coffe to support the ACLU: 

Bump n’ Grind, Silver Springs, MD
Gravel and Grind, Frederick, MD
Children's Bake Sale and Craft Sale to support ACLU. Today from 2-4 pm in front of the Clarksville Giant.

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