Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Letters for the Lovelorn

News flash! Mr. Trash Wheel is adding "Advice Columnist" to his list of many accomplishments.

This offer brought to mind the predicament of a friend of mine, Ms. Frizz, aka @eye_on _kq . I had lunch with her Monday

It's clear she's still carrying a torch for her old beau, the Lake Kittamaqundi Bell Tower. She's heard he might be be coming back into town, but she can't get any solid details. Maybe Trashy can help. 

Dear Trashy,

My friend Ms. Frizz has been pining away for the love of her life, this handsome fellow.

He disappeared around 2010 and she's been heartsick ever since. She hears from the Columbia Association that he might be returning home soon. Can you do anything to help reunite these two lovebirds?


Your friend at Village Green/Town²


I'll let you know if I hear anything.

If you have any relevant info, or ideas for Letters to Trashy,  post here:

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