Wednesday, February 15, 2017


On February 14th, 2013, the CA Board voted to approve the concept plan for what was then known as the Inner Arbor plan for Symphony Woods. Here's the article from the HoCo Times. I was eating at an outdoor restaurant along the Riverwalk in San Antonio and following the live tweeting from the meeting. I was, quite possibly, the worst dinner guest ever.

At the time I saw the vote as a vital and positive turning point in the direction that our community was going to take. I'm still convinced it was vital and positive. But nothing is ever a complete and total turning point, is it? There will be push back, and criticism, and attempts to change direction. There will be struggle. The intent to move forward came with it those whose intent was to slow that movement to a halt.

This Spring, on Earth Day, the first phase of the Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods will open: the Chrysalis. I'll be there. I'm hoping this will be more than a celebration of accomplishment. I'm hoping that the joy of this day will be inspiring. Contagious, even. As members of our community experience the beauty of this space becoming a reality, the concept of the park can become more than drawings and proposals: the park is real. The possibilities are real. The joy of this park belongs to the community. The opening of the Chrysalis is not the end of the story.

It is just the beginning.

Mark your calendars for a Saturday, April 22nd.

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