Sunday, February 26, 2017


From the crazy ideas file at Village Green/Town², these Dome Houses made of polystyrene:

I say, make Gateway the final Columbia Village and make all the houses like this. With tons of walkability to shops and an appealing "around the Gateway" transit system. Let's do something really off-beat and quirky and fun. Downtown development is moving along all right, but nothing about it is anywhere near weird enough for me.

Well, actually, the plans for Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods were pretty darn visionary. Remember?

Funny thing, the people who strongly objected to these forward-thinking designs were folks who participated in Columbia visionary James Rouse's New American City. These were Pioneers in a new way of living. Does one get to a point in life when one clings to the old vision and rejects any kind of new vision? Is it inevitable?

Columbia is getting ready to celebrate its 50th birthday. I bought a commemorative brick to be a part of it all. (I was a little surprised that I didn't have to reveal how long I've lived here.) It looks like there is a kick-off event of some sort at the Mall on March 19th. Does anyone have a description of what will be happening? I've been enjoying the various retrospectives coming from the Columbia Archives and the articles by Len Lazarick.

On Earth Day, Merriweather Park will be dedicating the Chrysalis in Symphony Woods. That's Saturday, April 22nd. I bought a commemorative plank to celebrate that as well. (It was insanely easy to do, by the way.) I'm so excited to be at a Columbia event that's about looking forwards.

Don't get me wrong. I love history, and Columbia's is fascinating stuff. But the thought of participating in a new beginning for our town, one that combines nature and the arts and bringing people together to enjoy the community is spine-tingling stuff to me.

Every generation should get a chance to participate in some visionary decisions. It sparks the imagination, makes you think about what you believe in. Most of my own personal crazy ideas won't ever make it off the drawing board, but the willingness to consider Columbia from more than one particular vantage point is one I hope I'll be able to keep working on forever,

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