Saturday, June 24, 2017

Behind Bars

Spotted on my walk around the Lake:

"Bathrooms Behind Bars"

Sounds rather ominous.

What's the story with the Lakefront portapotties? I have a vague memory that one of the commenters to this blog mentioned them recently. How did they get there? What's the history?

Why are they behind bars? I am guessing that having the bars there defines the space, but a solid wall would be seen as an invitation to nefarious behavior?

I'm a firm believer in having easy access to bathrooms everywhere (and for everyone). Sure, they're not aesthetically pleasing, but if you have a young child at a Lakefront event who needs a bathroom, you've got to be grateful for a nearby solution.

Do you think that we will reach a point where activity at the Lakefront has grown beyond the two-potty system?

Do you even use portable toilets? Some people refuse to. (I'm not choosy.)

A lot of talk around downtown development focuses on traffic and parking. Well, what about public bathrooms?

I'm sure someone out there knows all about this, so fill me in:

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