Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Reading

My daughter and I stopped by Books in Bloom yesterday. I got a little thrill seeing people in the woods for a reason other than Wine in the Woods. That's the way it ought to be: a people's park for our community.

I had a chance to catch up with Christie Lassen from the Howard County Library System. I really want to make an effort to read more this summer, so I asked her if the Summer Reading program had opportunities for adults. It does. Adults, teens, and children. And, if you want, you can do it all from your phone.

Learn more about this year's summer reading program here. Rest assured, there's still a print version if you prefer that route. Take a look--it's more than your typical read-a-book program. Participants work to earn badges in a variety of categories:

Build a Better Community
Build a Better Planet
Build a Better Friendships
Build a Better You
Build your own Badge
Choose Civility Badge (Adults 18+)
And Reading, of course.

I stopped by the Glenwood branch on Saturday to pick up some crafting books and a few about home organization and decoration. I'm gearing up for some of the hot days when I'd rather stay cool inside!

We are really blessed with an exceptionally good library system in Howard County. There are so many ways they jump in to fill community needs and engage the public with creative programming.

What do you love about the library?

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