Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Unasked Question

I know you've heard about Books in Bloom , today's inaugural book festival at the Chrysalis. You know it's a joint venture between the Downtown Partnership and The Howard County Library System to celebrate Columbia's 50th Birthday. You've seen the posters.

You know you love books and it's going to be a gorgeous day and you want to get outside and enjoy it. But there's just one problem.

Deep down inside you have this nagging question: if I go to the Chrysalis, where do I park?

Voila! Here's a handy-dandy photo showing exactly where you can park.

On top of all the exciting activities for children and adults, here's an added item of interest from the local podcast folks at Elevate Maryland:

A twist! Thanks to our producer, we will record our show tomorrow from #BooksInBloom. Check out this lineup! We're on at 2pm. Come say heeyyy!

So now you know. Be there!

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