Monday, May 10, 2021

At Last I Succumb


Everybody seems to be pretty excited about the cicadas. Whether pro or con, there’s been a whole lot of local hubbub. So far my feeling is a solid “meh.” I don’t really care one way of the other. Perhaps when there are scads of them I may have a more fervent opinion. 

My husband loathes them. When our younger daughter’s preschool teacher (the last time around) suggested that her students bring one in for “homework”, he was not impressed, possibly because he was in charge of homework that night. Somehow we all survived.

In Howard County, the Conservancy is encouraging you to undertake a Cicada Scavenger Hunt  and/or a Cicada Walk. You can also learn more about Brood X from the Conservancy’s program with University of Maryland expert Mike Raupp. If you just can’t get enough of cicadas, or the nationally-recognized expertise of Dr. Raupp, you can take a listen to this episode of podcast Elevate Maryland. I haven’t yet listened to this one but I heard their is some discussion about the fitness of cicadas for human consumption.

You have been warned.

Now, on the other hand, if you just can’t seem to take cicadas seriously, you might want to pay a visit to Sweet Cascades Chocolatier in Old Ellicott City. They’ve jumped on the bandwagon by creating their own edible insects. 

(Photos from the Sweet Cascades page on Facebook)

You can be a part of the cicada craze by picking up some Chocadas or Chocolate Strawberry Cicadas. The Chocadas come with crispy rice cereal inside to give you that delightful cicada “crunch.” 


Well, maybe I do have opinions when it comes to cicadas. I don’t think I could eat one, anyway. The crunchy chocolate ones? Hmm. Maybe.

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