Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday Happenings

 After two nights of pretty terrible sleep, my idea of a blog post is one that would write itself.

A few things:

There’s a Farmers Market at Clarksville Commons today from 10-2. To learn more about their offerings, check out their Facebook page. You’ll discover more than the Market. The Commons hosts outdoor movie nights and live music as well.

Peter and the Wolf will be presented at the Chrysalis today (Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods.) The good news is: both performances are sold out, which reaffirms the Chrysalis as a community venue and their choices of programming. The bad news is: both performances are sold out, which means that, if you don’t already have tickets, you are out of luck. Check out their web site to stay on top of future events.

The folks at Bridges to Housing Stability have put out a call for advocacy letters to the County Council in support of the Housing Trust Fund. It’s time sensitive - - letters must be received by May 24th. From their Facebook page:

We need your support! Ask your County Council Member to support the Housing Trust Fund. The deadline for support is this coming Monday, May 24. Send your message to:

The Housing Trust Fund will promote and support equitable, geographically disbursed and affordable rental and for-sale housing opportunities; will assist in alleviating the the difficulties of many low- and moderate-income households to obtain and maintain housing; and will meet these needs by providing funding for rental housing development, preservation and rehabilitation, rental assistance, homeownership, home improvements and other affordable housing opportunities.

I’m a huge fan of the work done by Bridges to Housing Stability. They’re the Chili Cook-off people, in case your memory needs jogging. If they support the Housing Trust Fund, that tells me it’s worth fighting for. These people know their stuff. 

Update: there’s also a pop-up plant sale at Freetown Farm this weekend. From their Facebook page:

Where: 8000 Harriet Tubman Ln, Columbia, MD 21044

When: Saturday 11am-5pm (5/22/2021) & Sunday 11am-2pm (5/23/2021)

Price: $2 per plant

Payment Methods: Cash, card, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp

Plants Available: Asparagus, basil, butternut squash, chamomile, chard, cilantro, cucumbers, dill, fennel, fox glove (flower), green zucchini, okra, scallop squash, Sweet William (flower), tomatoes, winter squash, & yellow squash

Last, but definitely not least, today the amazing annual plant sale returns in Oakland Mills. Here’s a photo from OMCA to entice you.

The plants sale is at the Other Barn from 9am-1pm. They ask that you observe social distancing and masks  will be required for everyone’s comfort and safety. Bring cash or your checkbook. Buy plants. Leave happy!

Have a wonderful Saturday. I suspect mine will include a long nap or lots of short ones.

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