Friday, May 21, 2021

Good News or Bad News?


The fireworks are back. That’s pretty big news after a year of canceled events due to the pandemic. I hope this makes the local population happy but of course I await complaints from those who think that the accompanying precautions will put a crimp in their style. We’ll see if the return of the fireworks will be enough to sate their desire for normalcy or whether the announcement that there will be no bands, food vendors, or other entertainment will provoke their ire.

In other words, how much do they think the county owes them on the Fourth of July?

There’s probably some overlap between our COVID complainers and the folks who were enraged some years back by the proposal to eliminate sugary drinks from vendors’ menus for the Fourth of July event. Never mind that they could bring in the drinks of their choosing, it was clearly governmental overreach to promote healthier drink choices. Will this year’s “scaled back” fireworks celebration receive the same contempt? 

I hope not.

Perhaps I’m anticipating a problem where none exists. I’d be thrilled if that is the case. I admit I am worn out by the continued cries of  “you owe us!” from residents that are accustomed to having their own way.

What excited me about the fireworks announcement was a photograph.

                                                       Photo credit: Columbia Association 

It’s the first photo I have seen of newly appointed Columbia Association President and CEO Lakey Boyd serving in her official role. It’s the beginning of a new era in Columbia/HoCo and a reminder that the annual fireworks event requires collaboration between the County and CA.

From the CA press release:

In addition to 4th of July events, CA will bring back its Lakefront Summer Festival, a series of free concerts and movies starting Saturday, June 20. That entertainment will be offered five nights a week through mid-September.

“This family-friendly tradition is an important point of connection for our community that was missed by many last year,” Boyd said. “I’m excited to spend time at the Lakefront with my family this summer and meet people from across our Columbia community.”

Look at that. The new CA President has a family. She’s human! Of course having one’s family on display is not a requirement of the job but it does give one the sense that she’s planning on being a part of the community. 

For many years I saw attendance at the Lakefront fireworks as an experience that only “true Columbians” had, and I wasn’t one of them. Then a few years ago a friend extended an invitation to me and I actually got to see them up close. It was definitely a significant item to check off on the “true Columbian” checklist. I don’t particularly feel a need to go back this year but sometimes we can see a few from our house. 

Does anyone ever complain that the fireworks are too loud? 

Never mind. I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

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