Friday, May 28, 2021


Monday the last of our family pod was fully vaccinated. Tuesday we went out to celebrate. The weather was lovely and we fancied eating outside. We remembered there was a picnic table in front of Pepperjacks, a family favorite for subs and enormous portions of fries. (Don’t ever order the “bucket” unless you bring a team of committed eaters.)

When we arrived we discovered that Pepperjacks had created a new outdoor eating area.


We went inside (yes , we were masked and so were employees) and placed our orders. Then we went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

We had come a bit on the early side so we had the outdoor patio to ourselves. While we were there a steady stream of customers came to pick up takeaway orders. 

Just the feeling of being outdoors, away from home - - no masks- - on a lovely spring evening was delicious, if a bit strange. It felt like the world in which this was normal was a long, long time ago.

I’m not sure how long the outdoor eating area has been open at Pepperjacks but I hope more people take advantage of it as the season progresses. 

Enjoying our food as soon as it was cooked was a thrill after more than a year of takeaway orders. And, wow, were those fries ever hot! It may be hard to see in the photo but I indulged in my first root beer float of the season, while my daughter had an orange creamsicle float.

I probably imagined all sorts of fancy restaurants during the long days of quarantine, fantasizing about a time when it would be safe enough to return. And those visits are coming soon enough. But I am so grateful for Tuesday night at Pepperjacks: the warm, gentle breeze on my skin and a feeling of hope. 

I think I may remember it for the rest of my life.

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