Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Road Trip Request

Every morning, in preparation for writing the blog, I do a quick search of a list of local terms on Twitter. Sometimes this yields an interesting story, but, not always. At the top of the list? Elkridge.

So far, that search term has not resulted in any useful information. If one were to go by Twitter alone, absolutely nothing is happening in Elkridge. Well, that’s not exactly true. Right now you can find out where CVS is administering the vaccine, what flavors Rita’s will be serving today, some job listings, real estate offerings, and health club ads. But this is not what I am looking for. I am sure that plenty of things are happening in Elkridge. I just can’t find them on Twitter.

I have long felt that I don’t know enough about Elkridge. I even wrote this back in 2011:

A Letter to Santa — Of Sorts — On Behalf of Columbia

I would like a tour of Elkridge from someone who loves it and knows it well. (I'll pay for gas and snacks.) This is definitely an area where I need to learn more and think more. Any takers?

So far it hasn’t happened. 

I did a search of my own blog and found that, out of 2892 posts, only 20 reference Elkridge. I think I can do better.

I have decided to undertake my own Elkridge tour but I’ll need your help. I’m looking for The Top Ten Places You Need to Visit in Elkridge. Let me know what they are. You can contact me through the blog or post your suggestions on the Village Green/Town² Facebook page. While you are at it, I’d also like your suggestions for The Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Elkridge. They can be serious or silly; I’m open to your guidance.

Now that I’m out and about (post-vaccine) a local tour sounds like just the thing. 

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