Thursday, June 27, 2019

All Are Welcome

The Kona Ice truck was there. The Tiger Sharks Swim Team was there, selling hot dogs, soda, and chips.There was live music from Soultet, face painting, rock painting, and a kid’s prize raffle. Oakland Mills knows how to kick off the summer with a Village party for everyone.

In Oakland Mills our motto is “We Value Connections.”  Part of that, for me, is a deep conviction that all are welcome here.

Last night, as in any night that events are held by the Oakland Mills Community Association, all were welcome. Everyone was invited.

But not everybody came.

Last night, as I sat with my family enjoying the music, I was keenly aware that some of our neighbors were missing. On a day which began with ICE sweeping into town and landing in Long Reach, a simple trip to the Village Center for a party might have been an unnecessary risk.

Yes, there are very likely undocumented residents in Oakland Mills and yes, I think they ought to be able to come to a community party instead of staying inside in fear.

I am not going to argue with anyone about what constitutes criminal activity. Frankly, ICE has been weaponized by the current administration to be an instrument of hate and oppression. Let me state here that the criminal activity I am concerned about most are actions taken to harm, exclude, and terrorize people for being brown. And poor. And “different”.

Last night Oakland Mills put on a wonderful party. Everyone was invited.

I wish everyone could have been there.

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