Saturday, June 8, 2019

Out from the Shadows

There was a time when it was the fashion for bloggers and tweeters to have a “handle” or monicker and leave it at that. That was quite a while ago. Most folks put their real names out there this days, and I think that’s a better idea. When you trade in opinion, people should know you are willing to stand by your work.

In a similar way, there was a time when people writing about the goings-on at the school system felt it necessary to protect their identities. Former leadership was known to be punitive and retaliatory. Deviation from the tightly controlled “message” was not to be tolerated. Communicating a differing point of view during those times felt dangerous. To my knowledge, that is not the case anymore.

All of  this is merely a prelude to my making the following request:

Come out, come on out. Put your name on your work.

I think our community would benefit from knowing who you are. Here’s a list of accounts I’d like to see step out of their anonymity. Some may be known to a small inner circle of readers, but, in my opinion, that’s not enough. Are there any others I am forgetting?

HCPSS Community Shares
*A Better Howard

If you want to influence the conversation, fine. But be willing to show your face.

*A correction from reader Ilana Bittner:

A Better Howard isn’t in the dark. Their initial post had the 4 authors names, and many of their posts (at least the ones I’ve seen) are signed specifically with the author’s name(s). 

Mark Breaux
Dave Myers
Phil Nichols
Julia Sanger

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