Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bargains and Blessings

              I never know quite what to expect. Each year brings its own oddities and mysteries.

                                                     It’s a penguin. But I don’t know why.


                                          It’s a turtle for all seasons. (Or seasonings, I guess.)

There may be a bear for biker enthusiasts.

A place for a horse lover to place their head.

And there will always, always be something you can’t explain.

Yes, it’s The Great Unpacking for the Abiding Savior Lutheran Church Annual Flea Market.

Flea Market Week has its own succession of rituals.  My favorite is called "The Great Unpacking." Early in the week, volunteers gather to participate in a liturgy of unloading, unpacking, and categorizing mounds of donations.  Our Fearless Leader lures in her helpers with promises of free pizza, which is probably how adults motivate their offspring to come along to assist in the
proceedings. Our communion is pizza and soda eaten standing up, without plates, in between forages into costume jewelry, books, linens, and knick-knacks. (“The Great Unpacking” June 6, 2012)

Every year the proceeds from the Flea Market are donated to a charitable cause. 


June 15, 
8 to noon;
Owen Brown and Cedar Lane
All money raised will be donated to Blessings in a Backpack to provide children with food over the weekend: Running Brook, Talbott Springs, Jeffers Hill, and Swansfield,

Please come shop on Saturday. Bring your family. Tell your friends. Meet friendly Lutherans, and help feed hungry kids. I promise you will find something that makes you smile. 

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