Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Big Dream, Better Choice

I was quite excited to be enlightened by readers who responded to yesterday’s post about Frederick. A tip of the hat to Linda who let me know that a 1976 flood was at the root of the transformation. This article she passed along from the Frederick News-Post is fascinating.

How the flood of 1976 changed Frederick: Carroll Creek flood control project is one of a kind by Nancy Lavin

As Howard County moves forward to address devastating flooding issues in Ellicott City, it’s interesting to note this project which was a dream big, long-term solution. I’m sure anyone involved in Ellicott City flood remediation knows all about this, but, I did not. And so, for me, wondering how we can possibly protect Ellicott City and preserve its character takes on a new perspective when I see how it might be possible to make choices that also create something new.

Not “the same as” Frederick. But, similarly transformational.

Sometimes dreaming big and making the big investment is also the wisest economic choice. And the best choice for the life of a community.

Topping off my education about the Carroll Creek project is this piece by friend and journalist Marge Neal. On her blog, Scribbles from the Margen, she brings us a lovely story about how the flood project was tested by storms in 2018.

This past week, the system got quite the workout. As it was designed to do, the flood control system deposited much of the flood waters into Baker Park. The current mayor was quoted as saying something along the lines of “the fact that Baker Park is flooded is good because that means downtown Frederick is not flooded.”

Ms.Neal goes on to tell the story of how the community pitched in to help some local flood victims who found themselves high and dry as the waters were receding. It’s definitely worth the read.

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