Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Big Things

The alarm caught me in the middle of REM sleep and I just can’t get my head on straight this morning. Add to that the fact that I slept on wet hair and I resemble a disgruntled cockatoo. It’s shaping up to be a challenging day.

I hope anyone who is considering running for the board of education was watching last night’s work session. It ain’t all fun and games, you know. A tip of the hat to former BOE member Cindy Vaillancourt who was following the proceedings on Facebook and interpreting them for the uninitiated. She continues to be a faithful public servant, even out of office,

Apparently the Columbia Association has released its schedule of summer concerts but, at this very moment, I can’t find it. More on that tomorrow. Make sure your zigzag crochet afghan is lawn ready and your dancing shoes are in good shape. Update: http://columbiaassociation.org/lakefrontfestival

County Executive Calvin Ball has kicked off Pride Month in Howard County, I am so thrilled that HoCo finally has its own Pride festivities. You can learn more here. Mark June 29th on your calendar for the official celebration in Centennial Park.

One last thing. Today marks the sixth anniversary of the memorial service for blogger Dennis Lane at Merriweather Post Pavilion. I thought of him as I attended my daughter’s high school graduation. Since that day in 2013 so many improvements have been made to his beloved Merriweather, including a street named after the man himself. Although it puts one on shaky ground to suggest what the departed “would have liked”, I think that the raising of the roof, the upgrading of the facility as a whole, and the launch of the Soulful Symphony as the orchestra in residence would qualify to him as kind of a big deal.

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