Friday, June 21, 2019

Time Travel Friday

This just in from the Double T Diner in Ellicott City:

#WJZ That moment when you are surprised to see a working pay phone.  Almost wanted to call someone! #raresight

Yes, that’s right. The esteemed Vic Carter of WJZ reports this unlikely story and he even includes a photo:

                                                             Photo credit: Vic Carter

In the spirit of the children’s book Yard Sale! By Mitra Modarressi, let’s imagine that this is a telephone for calling the past. And since it’s in Howard County, let’s say it’s for calling Howard County’s past.

Who would you call?  Why?

I’d want to call Jim Rouse, of course. I have a few questions. And I’d love to talk to County Executive Ed Cochran during his years in office (74-78). I’d call Columbia circa its early years and talk to anyone who answered the phone. I’d call the librarian in the very first library and ask what people liked to read. And of course I’d call Dennis Lane.

It’s Friday. Do me the favor of playing my little game. If the pay phone above were really a portal to Howard County’s past, who, where, or what time period would you call? Why? What questions do
you have?

In the meantime, I probably should mention that I love the Double T Diner but I never have room for dessert.

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