Friday, June 7, 2019


Another installment in the ever popular series, “Other people’s Tweets”:

Columbia Maryland, where people come to breed and die.

I’m attending a wedding there in October so that's.....breeding related?

Columbia is where I grew up and I can confirm when you’ve given up on fun it is where you go.

Where cows go out to pasture.


Well, alrighty, then.

That’s quite a reputation to break free of. We have arts festivals, cocktail crawls, multiple live music venues, a Hops and Harvest festival, but, really folks, this is where you go to breed and die.

I don’t intend to cross my arms across my chest, shake my head and say, “What do these young people want?.” 

It would be interesting to know what fun is for them and if Columbia is truly lacking. We certainly could be. If their concept of fun involves easy walkability between locations, that remains a challenge here. One of the most sincere local boosters I know moved to Baltimore post-college because it offered a life experience Columbia doesn’t.

As for me, I’m done breeding and I’m not ready to die. So I’ll have to do the best I can to entertain myself.

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