Sunday, June 23, 2019

Flight of Fancy

Airborne. It’s the art exhibit from the MD Air project, and it’s on display this weekend in the Merriweather District. It’s not your ordinary art show, and it’s free. A few glimpses:


Airborne is funded by the Howard Hughes Corporation. Dubbed an “artists in residence exhibition”, its home is the fifth floor of the Two Merriweather building. When you step out of the elevator, helpful teen docents are there and located throughout the exhibit to provide assistance.

There’s an interactive graphic novel exhibit that’s quite the experience. It takes a serious topic, acid attacks on women, and presents it in a completely unorthodox way. You'll be prompted to download an app and then you’ll see the magic happen.

Possibly the best part of the exhibit for me was the translucent colors applied to the windows which gave an interesting glow to the space. I spent more than a moment here admiring the views of Columbia and contemplating what the future holds.

The last open gallery time is from 4-6 today. It’s free, it’s easy to park, and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen locally. Unless you went to Opus, that is. If you did, you’ll see some familiar sights here.

I’m not an art critic, and I have only given you the barest glimpses of what you’ll see here. Go and see for yourself.

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