Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dueling Brews

I once had what I thought was a delightful idea that a group like HoCo Rec & Parks should devise a camp where all activities would be reached by riding local public transportation, so that learning how to ride the bus was an integral part of the experience. If you want to change behavior, start with kids, I reasoned. This admittedly off-beat suggestion did not meet with an entirely positive reception.  In fact, one reader retorted that learning how to ride the bus was something children should be learning from their parents and that local government should have nothing to do with it.

Well, then.

I’m back today with somebody else’s idea. This one is aimed at adults. Baltimore resident Brian Seel is inviting you on his Brews and Bus Tour.  Seel, who had a recent brush with fame when he detailed how he manages to commute to Howard County without a car, posted the following on Twitter:

Interested? Click on the Brews and Bus Tour link above. Basic details:

When: Saturday, July 13 at noon
Where: Starting at Monument Brewing
Cost: $4.40 for an MTA day pass and you pay for your own beer
Reading this put me in mind of some kind of a Howard County beer/bus combo, which I mistakenly thought was now defunct. Not so, Maryland Brewery Tours is still a going concern and their next HoCo Tour is, you guessed it, this Saturday. (Also includes MoCo)
Decisions, decisions.
In Baltimore, $4.40 for an all day bus pass, you pay for your own beer, you do some walking. In HoCo//MoCo, you pay $75.00, ride a dedicated tour bus, get brewery tours, and pints are included. All details arranged.
So it depends what kind of adventure you want to have. It seems to me that each has its charms. If you are having a hard time making up your mind, it looks like Maryland Brewery Tours is offering a purely Howard County event on August 10th, so you can...have your beer and drink it, too.
I’m inclined to favor the quirky Baltimore choice that gets people using public transportation. But, who am I kidding? If I’m having a beer Saturday it’ll be in the shade of a cool green lady.
If you go, tell me which tour you took and how it went.

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