Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What They Say

It’s no secret that I use Twitter as a jumping off point for information about local stories. This one came to me by accident. It began as a simple comment:

Baltimore twitter is a wild place boy.

But then it took an unexpected turn.

This is true. I get involved as well, but let's be real: my county likes to drive around with magnet bumper stickers that read "Choose Civility". City folk treat Howard like it's the Emerald City: far and somewhat mythical.

HoCo: the Emerald City? Hmm...

I often think of Columbia as Stepford.

Now, wait a minute. That’s going a bit far, don’t you think?

I don't think of Howard County as anything remotely mythical or sparkly. I think of Howard County as...like, if TGI Friday's became a whole county.


Ouch. Well, that’s what happens when you are essentially eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, which Twitter allows you to do. And I do find it fascinating to see what people think of us.

I’ve seen so many of those “Choose Civility” bumper stickers in Howard. It’s like a bougier, more selective version of Montgomery County without public transit or anything to do at all.

Excuse me, but I think that the Columbia Association, Howard County Tourism, and the Howard Hughes folks would like a word with you.

There is a lot to do if you mean drinking, eating, or biking.

We have restaurants and pathways. Great.

While I don’t agree with their assessment I have to admit there’s just enough truth in it to make me a bit uncomfortable, You know the feeling:  it’s funny, and you laugh, but you’re wincing a little, 

One humorous note. The opening statement was from a woman commenting on a very specific Baltimore issue that was being debated on Twitter in recent days. All subsequent posts were from men, who turned it into a thread on something else entirely. Go figure.

Now I just have to get that image of T.G,I. Friday’s becoming a whole county out of my head. 

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