Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Worn Out

National news is so dreadful that the high point of my day yesterday was a good checkup at the dentist. I got “roughed up” on social media twice yesterday (no blood drawn) and I’m worn out. Some folks think we'd all get along together if we just sat down and talked with each other more. After yesterday I’m upset that such people exist. Forget wanting to sit in the same room with them to have a chat. No thanks.

Some things that are on my mind today:

The proposal to offer more healthy food options in County vending machines.
The draft report from the Area Attendance Committee.
The upcoming Coral Reef Encounter at Macgill’s Common Pool this weekend.
Lawns: who needs ‘em?
The Fundraiser for Matcha Time Café this Sunday.

Yesterday wore me out. I’m going to do my best today to stay away from the news and the internet and recover. See you tomorrow.

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