Monday, May 16, 2022

Benches Redux


You already know I’m fond of benches. My new discovery? Bench memorials. These particular ones are not in Columbia/HoCo, but, bear with me.

In loving memory of Shirley Ann Butler. (1955-2015) 

Amazing Mum and Grandma. 

She loved these swings more than her children ever did! 

Lucy and James XXX

In loving memory of 

Huw Davies 

Used to sit here and shout 

Fuck off! at the seagulls

Someone shared the latter on Twitter with the question,  

Why aren't there bench memorials like this in Baltimore?

My response?

There’d be too many.

But what about here in Columbia/HoCo? Couldn’t we do with a few loving-but-outspoken bench memorials around town? I realize that memorial plaques are usually a serious business, and I don’t mean to make light of anyone’s heartfelt loss.  But not everyone grieves in the same way. A memorial can also reflect the personality and idiosyncrasies of the departed.

A bench like this can provides not only a place to rest, but perhaps a reason to smile.

There may already be a few such memorial benches with candid captions around town. Do you know of any? Is there a place locally that you love so much that you can imagine a bench, with your name on it, long after you are gone? What do you think your family and friends might say about you? Any “quotable quotes” come to mind?

Odd topic for a Monday, I know. 

One last recommendation:  if you love benches too, the Twitter account My Favorite Bench (@MyFaveBench ) is a delight. It’s based in Thirsk, England. There’s a website, too.

Where is your favorite bench?

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