Saturday, May 14, 2022

Sweets for the Sweet


Who doesn’t love donuts? 

Are you a Thrift Store volunteer?

Tomorrow. May 12th, we will have a donut social and organize clothing at our Howard County Thrift Store from 9am to 12pm! 

See you then! 

I’m not particularly a fan of the Salvation Army. I don’t toss coins into their red kettles anymore. But I have to hand it to them for creating the best Twitter thread with donuts that I have ever seen. 

The idea is simple. Invite volunteers to work. Tempt them with donuts. Take photographs for National Salvation Army Week. Easy, right? I mean, who doesn’t love donuts?

Especially Krispy Kreme donuts.

What followed was the most exquisite array of donut appreciation you can possibly imagine.

Photo credit Salvation Army Howard County 

Honestly, not everyone looks this good in staged photos. These people are obviously multi-talented. They will come and organize donated clothes and make your publicity photos sing with enthusiasm.

Just bring donuts.

No, that doesn’t sound right. I think these people would be good sports even without the donuts. Still, I think they should get paid extra for modeling.

Oh, right, they’re volunteers. 

Do you shop at the Howard County Salvation Army store? Do you know any of these people? If so, tell them I think they’re brilliant.

Maybe Krispy Kreme should hire them.

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