Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Warehouse of Discovery


You can learn something on Twitter every day, if you know where to look. This morning I learned that Columbia has a warehouse district. Surprise! And you thought we just had a Merriweather District.

Bootleggers and Baptists: This Saturday 1-4PM we are back at The Warehouse District in front of @hysteriabrewery / @lostarkdistilling in Columbia, MD!  We are bringing the boys of @theoldeastern with us!

What I was envisioning when I read this was a geographic area with a newly-branded designation. I couldn’t imagined I had missed an announcement of such a thing. Wouldn’t there have been newspaper announcements, a ribbon-cutting, pictures of local officials? I was intrigued.

The idea that Columbia might have a warehouse district appealed to me.

Well…it isn’t quite what I expected.

Quickly becoming one of Columbia's new hot spots. Located off of Berger Road Hysteria Brewing Co, Bullhead Smokehouse and Lost Ark Distillery working together to provide you a new place to have fun.

It’s not a neighborhood. It’s a collaborative business venture between Hysteria Brewing Coming, Bullhead Pit Beef, and Lost Ark Distillery. You can check them out on Facebook. They’ve food, drinks, music - - and plenty of outdoor space on a nice day. An upcoming event in June will also be bringing in the T & J Waffle Truck. 

I don’t know the reasoning behind creating an entertainment venue and calling it a district, but there’s certainly no law against it. It’s a “concept”, I guess.

My imagination was on overdrive and I was hoping for an entire neighborhood of warehouses dedicated to some form of Columbia coolness. Well, who knows? This could be the start of something big. Maybe that area on Berger Road needs a larger than life advocate like Col Gateway to get the conversation going?


So, if The Warehouse District were to be bigger than one location, what would you want to see happening there?

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