Saturday, May 7, 2022

Take Your Pic

I save a lot of things. Digital things. Photographs, links, event announcements, screen shots, entire articles, even. You probably know the old excuse: it might come in handy someday. In my case, that means I’m considering it for a potential blog post. I’m a pack rat of possibilities.

The shelf life for such things is pretty brief these days, so I do go through it all every so often to weed out what’s no longer relevant. Before I do that this weekend I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what got caught in my net this week.

First, I would just like to say that Mom is not at all happy with how she comes across in this photo from Patch.

If they had only given her a chance to comb her hair first, really!

Up next, an assortment of head-scratching typos/bad choices in one promo from the Baltimore Sun:

When I shared this on Facebook it prompted some general tut-tutting about the loss of editorial staff, but, I also got two witty ripostes:

Maybe Petula Clark will meet you there.


Today she’s a Downtown Abbey but soon she’ll be an Uptown Girl.

An offer on Buy Nothing caught my eye:

It reminded me of a moment in the old Zany Brainy toy store when my husband found a toy labeled, “Now with glow in the dark balls for lights-out fun!” and he went to pieces, laughing. We had to leave the store.

In closing, I found this self-effacing promo from a local restaurant on Thursday rather sweet. “We’re not claiming to be something we’re not, but we’d really like you to come see us. We probably won’t even be busy.”

Celebrate Mexican Culture 5/5

We’d like to wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo! We are not a Mexican restaurant by any means, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate our own way... We do a great Margarita. And yes, we can make it spicy upon request.

Skip the wait elsewhere and swing by! We just got in some great local beers and premium spirits to quench your thirst this Cinco de Mayo. Chef recommends the Baja Burger. The bar is freshly stocked. It may not be truly authentic, but we guarantee you won't leave hungry or sober.

Well, they had me up until that last line. “We guarantee you won’t leave hungry or sober.” Sadly this was not accompanied by an offer to put you up for the night or drive you home. Sigh. I believe the word you are looking for is “thirsty”, dear restaurant social media writer. Really, language matters. So does drunk driving on one of the heaviest-drinking nights of the year.

Wait - - one more thing about Mother’s Day. I think it’s probably a bad idea to arm us all with box-cutters, particularly right now. “A bundle of box-cutters! Thanks, honey.” (Plots suitable revenge.)

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