Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Local


How about some links? I have a few local stories lined up that caught my eye.

First off, alliteration runs wild in this tweet about a new local business:

“Columbia couple” to open “Dill Dinkers”. Good grief! If you’re interested in pickle ball, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this story in the Baltimore Business Journal.

Columbia couple to open new indoor pickle ball court in Howard County, Melody Simmons, BBJ

In a different kind of entrepreneurship:

Sisters Create Clothing Line Honoring South Asian Heritage, Aimee Cho, NBC4

The sisters, now in college, are from Howard County. They’ve created a clothing line called Urban Desi. In the past year they’ve sold about one thousand items. Want to learn more? This article from UMD’s Diamondback is much more comprehensive. And here is their website:

Urban Desi

Howard County blog Howard County Progress Report zooms in on a crucial issue in the upcoming Board of Education Race:

Kids’ Lives are at Stake in the Board of Education Race, Jenny Solpietro, Howard County Progress Report

Readers of Village Green/Town² know that this topic is an important one to me. Issues that impact LGBTQ+ students are life and death issues. Pay close attention to what the candidates stand for.

My final link of the day is the one I like the best.

'Slow and steady wins the race'  82-year-old earns bachelor's degree from UMGC, 7News Staff, ABC7 WJLA

My first thoughts were, “Where did she find the time?” and “How does she make being 82 look so good?” Ms. Beale is active in so many community activities and lends her support to so many good works that I  honestly cannot imagine where she found the time to complete a college degree. And yet, she did. 


This past year Ms. Beale spoke to the Columbia Association board in support of the Inner Arbor Trust. Her words describing the importance of Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods to our community and the arts programs presented at the Chrysalis were eloquent. 

When Mae Beale is committed to a cause, you know it. Her contributions to Columbia/HoCo are extraordinary. I hope she takes a little time off to celebrate her latest achievement.

Have a wonderful Thursday. I’ll see you tomorrow for F ³.

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