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Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it’s just too darn hot. Maybe you’re under a big umbrella at the beach or the pool. The one thing you’re sure to need under those conditions is a good book. Several, probably.

The promotional video for the HCLS Summmer Reading Program is out and it’s a moment of pure delight. 

I love this video. Yes, it’s a well-crafted production, but it wouldn’t have worked without the delightful people featured in each vignette. I’d watch a television show about these characters and the libraries they love. Yes, I’m gushing, but watch it and see if you catch my enthusiasm.

Do you see what I mean? This could be the beginning of a library-based show like Abbott Elementary, or maybe a detective series where the library crew are sleuths, using all available resources to work out head-scratching mysteries. Yes, it could be an educational kid show (à la Ghost Writer) but it wouldn’t need to be. A musical? Well, that last fellow who’s trying to read might object.
“Tune in next time, for the continuing adventures of the Library Gang!”

I’m tempted to hop in on this because I need some reading inspiration. I’ve spent the last year reading my way through a number of book series and I have reached the end of some, or, I’m on a very long waiting list for the next one. A few haven’t even been published yet. I wish these authors would hurry up, already.

I’ve been languishing in the reading department. This couldn’t have come along at a better time.

Watch the video, then read all about this summer’s program in the Chapter Chats blog:

Welcome, Summer Readers! , Kristen B.

It starts on June 1st and there are programs from children on up through adults. Prizes, too.

It’s time to find some new books! Who knows, maybe while I’m browsing I’ll spot one of the stars of my new favorite videos. I wonder if they give autographs?

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