Wednesday, May 4, 2022



The world keeps on going. A good thing, when one considers the alternative, but, after the last 48 hours, I am no mood to face any of it. 

Here in Columbia/HoCo, there was a big announcement with catchy words like Destination Downtown and  Lakefront Live. What Destination Downtown means for you is a centralized way to find out about summer events and venues for activities. Lakefront Live is a partnership between the Columbia Association and the Columbia Festival of the Arts to bring free musical events to the Lakefront. This is all very cool stuff. I should be excited.

But I am in no mood for any of it. I don’t even have the mental energy to highlight the overwhelming alliteration of it all.

A hands-on STEM education center celebrated its official opening at Cradlerock Elementary. 

The outpouring of love and memories for the late Millie Bailey has been awe-inspiring.

Howard County High Schools continue to get high ratings.

The Farmers Market season is about to begin.

I am in no mood.

Over on Next Door there was a report of an oriole sighting. The feathered kind. After some discussion it was decided that it was actually a scarlet tanager. 

While observing the birds at my bird feeder, I realized there was a deer munching away at something  in the lawn only a few yards away.

Life goes on, and I am in no mood.

Yesterday I probably blocked over twenty people on Twitter who appeared out of nowhere to tell me off. Though their words were different, their message was the same: they wanted me to know that I did not have the right to my opinions, or to my own body.

That’s the mood for today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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